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Wedding Day Hindsight 20-20 Advice

September 22, 2022


I'm a California wedding and engagement photographer. The blog has past weddings, planning advice, photo education and more!

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If you ask newlyweds about their wedding day, hindsight 20-20, what would they do differently there will probably be a couple of things. Because, hello, this is life. We learn as we go, and it’s hard to plan a perfect wedding day when you have never done it before (especially without some professional help!). Consider this as an opportunity to learn from those who have been married before. Here’s some newlywed advice:

Let go of trying to please everyone

It’s impossible to do. Yet sometimes, we sacrifice to appease everyone else’s opinions and agendas. Stay true to yourself. Bend on small things to keep the peace, but ultimately do what feels right to you and your partner for the things that matter most.

First look

Wishing they had done a First look is a top regret from many couples. A first look allows you to have all your formal portraits taken before the ceremony. This way, newlyweds get to spend the whole cocktail hour & reception celebrating with their guests. And no, it doesn’t take away from that “aisle moment,” I promise!

Wedding coordinator

Simply put… hire a Wedding Coordinator. I say that from working with couples in the past and experiencing my own wedding. There are many moving parts and passing off the responsibility to an advocate for you helps ensure you two enjoy a stress-free day. Day of coordinators & planners keep everything running smoothly. They handle hiccups, make your vision come to life, field all the questions from guests and vendors AND make it so that you nor your family have to work on your wedding day.


I hear this from strangers, acquaintances, family, and even couples who didn’t book with me because of price. They wish they had gone with a professional photographer. This is the one service that should stand the test of time. It’s what you look back on to experience your day over & over. Don’t slack on this investment!

I hope these tips relieve any stress you may have surrounding your wedding day and/or encourage you to change things around to ensure you plan the day of your dreams! Want to receive helpful tips like this weekly? Sign up for my email list by using the button below.

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