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Rain on Your Wedding Day: What Does That Mean for Your Photos?

October 11, 2022


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Here in NorCal, sadly rain on a wedding day is pretty common. And although it can be stressful and upsetting when you see rain on the forecast for your wedding day, it doesn’t mean your day isn’t going to be everything you wanted. In fact, it can make it extra special! Let’s talk about why!!

Truthfully, cloud coverage & showers usually mean you are going to have some extra spectacular photos all day long. That’s because the clouds make defused light (like you have at sunset time) all day! It’s actually one of my favorite shooting conditions.

Although a rainy outdoor wedding might not be what you had envisioned, there are some tips to making it work and it all starts with trusting your photographer is prepared and able to make things happen no matter what.

As photographers, when these things happen, we learn to work around the elements. We take portraits when there is a break in the weather, use overhangs, doorways, umbrellas or stay inside and natural lighting from a window.

If you’re more worried about staying dry and comfortable during rain, here are a few things you can do to keep you comfortable (and looking your best) during your photos…

  • Jackets & shawls: There are some cute bridal jackets, faux fur, leather, etc. Wearing that even as a shoulder shawl can help keep you warm and still looking stylish!
  • Foot wear: Your shoes will not be showing during formal portraits. So it’s ok to wear something that will keep you warm & dry in the elements! Extending that to the bridesmaids is always a good idea, even if you decide to change your warm shoes out just for the photos.
  • Warm drinks: Have an insulated canteen of something warm to drink, or my second shooter will bring you hot coffee or tea from the venue.
  • Umbrellas: Use of umbrellas if there is rain. Clear, white, grey or black umbrellas are always a great idea! Even buying in bulk for guests works great too. Bright colorful umbrellas are fun but be aware they can reflect color onto you for your portraits.

In the end, I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to stress over weather we can’t control. Wedding photographers shoot year round and are used to making it work (and leaving you with dreamy photos!!) in most any weather condition. Trust you picked the right photographer, leave the stress behind and enjoy your day with your new spouse regardless of what that looks like!!

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