Unique Wedding Welcome Table Ideas For Any Style Wedding

March 18th, 2018

Over the years, after photographing many many weddings, I’ve come across a few super unique wedding welcome table ideas my couples have included that I’ve fallen in love with so I thought why not share them here! Check these out!!

Idea One: Prompt Notes to Couple

Basically you have prompts printed on different slips of papers that your guests can choose from and write a note on. Then they can drop it in a shadow box for you to look through later on!

Idea Two: Sign a Record

This couple were big music lovers so instead of cards, they provided lots of vintage records that their guests could browse through and write on!! This not only allows them to read kind words from their guests after the wedding day, but also gives them some practical items they can use!!

Idea Three: The Polaroid Guest Book

Loved this idea which will be fun for the couple to look at later AND for the guests to do at the reception. This couple also included a photo booth that looked like a polaroid for double the fun!

Some other ideas would be:

  • Using a personalized mailbox as a card holder (and then you can convert it into your mailbox in your first home)
  • Honeymoon fund jar
  • Phone message recording service!
  • Include favors for your guest
  • A recent one i’ve heard of, but haven’t seen yet is using a company called FÄ—teFone. This allows your guests to record wishes with a stylist, vintage phone instead of pen and paper!

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