Personalizing Your Ceremony Processional

March 18th, 2018

First… for those who need to hear this, give yourself permission to plan your wedding ceremony just like you want it. It can be filled with an even-numbered bridal party, all of the classic traditions and timeless moments OR it can be totally non-traditional and built just for you + your fiancé. There is no right or wrong ceremony, it should be exactly what you want! 

One way I’ve seen couples personalize their wedding ceremonies starts with the processional. Instead of having a traditional “Flower Girl,” you could also choose to include “Flower Groomsmen” and/or “Flower Grandmothers!”

Not only is this going to include some of your loved ones in a special way, but it’s also going to bring a smile and laugh to all of your guests! In fact, I recently photographed a wedding with a “Flower Groomsmen,” and it was a HIT! Luckily I got it all on video for an epic TikTok, click the button below to watch it.

This tip was a little different, but I hope you still find it helpful… and if not, I hope it at least brought a smile to your face! We could all use a little more of that each day <3 Want to receive helpful tips like this weekly? Sign up for my email list by using the button below.

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