A Marriage License Hack You Should Know Before Your Wedding Day

March 18th, 2018

My number 1 biggest piece of advice I love to give people regarding marriage licenses is this… Get your marriage license info together ahead of time!

*Let me start with this quick disclaimer… this totally is not legal advice, just something I’ve found to be helpful in personal experience.*

If your officiant is a friend or family member, or you are having a weekend wedding, I recommend taking the time to fill out your marriage license before the wedding day (except for your signatures). Having to stop, fill out the form and/or google what county you are in (haha!) after officially getting MARRIED and with a few drinks in your system takes away precious time you could be spending with your new spouse and your guests. Get that all filled in ahead of time so all that’s left is the final signatures.

I also recommend asking your officiant (or bridal party member if your officiant isn’t a friend or family) to hold onto it for you and be responsible for making sure it gets signed after the ceremony. You don’t want to personally try to remember that small tasks on such a big day!

Taking these few steps before your wedding day really helps alleviate the stress & gives you more time to ENJOY your day rather than checking off another item on your to-do list.

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