Associate Wedding Photography: Your Questions Answered!

January 10, 2022


I'm a California wedding and engagement photographer. The blog has past weddings, planning advice, photo education and more!

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With a huge wedding boom the past couple of years, many wedding photographers (like me!) have been growing their teams and offering what we call “Associate Wedding Packages” to help accommodate many more couples and still provide a top-tier and on-brand experience! I offer this to couples when I’m unavailable. I work hard (in my initial email and call) to explain exactly what this means, but many times, couples are still left with questions or underlying concerns that they just don’t know how to ask! And that is exactly why I’m writing this blog… I want to speak to any fears or uncertainties that may come with hiring me and my associate team by simply breaking it down so you know EXACTLY what to expect.

Associate Wedding Photography: Your Questions Answered!

What does working with Ashley + the AC Associate Team look like?

I’ve built and trained my associate team to photograph weddings with my approach and style which allows them to show up in my place when I am unavailable or booked for a date. Being able to offer associates to couples who inquire with me is not only exciting because it means more beautiful love stories added to my editing queue, but it also lights me up knowing that my team and I are able to serve more couples with a high-level photography experience from booking to delivery.

But, Ashley… what does this really mean?

Stick with me… let’s keep going!

Leading up to your wedding day, all of the correspondence and planning will be with me BUT your lead photographer will be taking your photos at your engagement session and on your wedding day.

I’ll receive the memory cards from them so I can edit and deliver your gallery. You have the chance to meet your lead photographer during our welcome call (before you even book with us!) so you can see exactly how the team works and get a feel for their personality!

The best first step is to have a conversation. This allows all of us to get to know each other, hear all about your wedding and talk about what your day will look like working with one of my talented associate team members!

Associate Wedding Photography: Your Questions Answered!

What does the posing process look like with your team?

For the vast majority, the engagement session (or wedding day!) is the first time couples get professional photos taken together! And trust us, we know it can feel exciting and intimidating all at the same time. That is why my team and I make the process fun and natural by guiding you with easy prompts and a ton of positive energy. We give you things to do together in front of the camera that will bring out your personality and make you feel totally comfortable. This prompt-based approach keeps you and your fianc√© from ever feeling awkward in front of the camera or wondering what to do with your hands and leaves you both with beautiful, natural photos you’ll be proud to show off!

Can you tell me more about the planning process leading up to the wedding day?

A large part of your wedding photography success comes from the preparation work we do together before you ever step foot in front of the camera. Together, we will work on shot lists, questionnaires, and virtual or in-person venue walk-throughs to make sure my team and I have all the essential information we need to cover your day and tell your unique story. Before your wedding day comes, I’ll organize a photo timeline specific to your day ensuring your photographers have the time to capture all the special moments.

When it comes to your wedding day timeline and details, I’ll give feedback, recommendations, and tons of other helpful resources along the way so that you feel empowered to make time for the photos of your dreams and have the time to enjoy your day with your guests!

Associate Wedding Photography: Your Questions Answered!

How does pricing work for associate wedding packages?

Once you inquire, I’ll confirm availability with my team and get back to you with a pricing guide. You can expect to see a lower price point, but let me assure you that by no means does that mean my associate team is the “B-team” or will provide a lesser experience. I can promise you that this team of highly skilled photographers I put together are my “A-team” and the collections you will see reflect that.

I know this was a lot of information, but I do truly hope this helps to answer any questions you may have regarding associate photographers! This can really be a GREAT option for couples who may have a lower budget, somehow picked the busiest wedding day of the year (just you’re luck, am I right?!) OR absolutely love a photographer that sadly isn’t personally available!

If you’re interested in working with me (or my team) for your wedding day, click the button below to inquire and make sure you select the option on he form that says “Yes I’m interested, send me details and pricing” regarding associate photographers. Once I hear from you, I promise to be in touch soon with more information! My team and I consider every single wedding day a blessing and JOY to be a part of!! We cannot wait to tell your love story with our cameras!

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