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April 28, 2021


I'm a California wedding and engagement photographer. The blog has past weddings, planning advice, photo education and more!

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Let’s be honest, wedding planning can be stressful… and you know what can make it even worse? Reading through hundreds of blog posts all over the internet filled with tips! Truthfully, these blog posts are filled with so much great education and helpful tips, BUT can be overwhelming. That’s why I want to share with you wedding planning advice from real couples! These are all past Ashley Carlascio Photography couples that made their wedding day meaningful!!! So grab a glass of wine, find your wedding planning notebook and take in these helpful tips!

Amy and Evan were such a sweet couple of mine! She shared some truth about money when wedding planning. The truth is, it can get expensive and THAT IS OK!! When asked about what their first step was, Amy said:

“Figuring out how much we could spend in total, what city and season we wanted the wedding to be in, and then booking the venue. I would recommend that order to other couples, however we booked our venue before doing too much realistic research on how much other vendors and items cost. It turned out to be a blessing that we had to cancel the venue due to COVID because we almost dug ourselves into a financial hole by going with the best package at the best venue.”

Natalie and Eddie were another sweet couple of mine who wanted to share a little bit about how and why they picked their specific vendors. Here’s what Natalie said:

“Do your research, read reviews, contact many for quotes, and compare! We went through multiple phone calls and emails to find the right vendors. You want to make sure the ones you go with fit your style, budget, and have the professionalism you’re looking for. Don’t be shy and ask a lot of questions! Be upfront with your budget and needs. So many details go into planning your wedding with vendors.”

One regret they shared was that they wish they would’ve hired someone to simply video their ceremony. Due to budget, they opted against that and she said they didn’t necessarily need a videographer for full day coverage, but having someone there to capture the ceremony for them to look back on would’ve been special!

Christina and Marc’s gorgeous Canyon Oaks wedding was absolutely perfect from start to finish, but she shared one of her biggest pain points was the guest list. Hear it from her below:

“The guest list. We just had to write everyone possible down that we maybe wanted to invite and then cut the list down from there. Budget and size of venue helped us decide on a number.”

I love what she said after that because it’s something so many couples need a reminder on:

“Remember what this day is about – you and your significant other and your love for each other. People will have lots of ideas and opinions for you and you just need to remember to do what you want as a couple. Really think of what is important to you both and stick with it! At the end of the day, getting married is the most important thing.”

Tessa and RJ planned the most beautiful elopement in Elk Cove outside Mendocino, surrounded by just their parents. When asked how they decided on eloping, here’s what Tessa had to say:

“We decided on an elopement because we both wanted the wedding to be more intimate. Plus we were able to do a more ‘outdoorsy’ location such as the beach/redwoods. We wanted it to be a special moment for us to share with our parents and are SO glad we chose to do it this way. Eloping took away so much stress that would have come with a bigger wedding. We were able to relax before and after the ceremony instead of rushing right into a reception. We had a blast having a small dinner with our parents, a special memory we’ll cherish forever. We felt that the elopement gave us the ability to enjoy the day without any time constraints or worry of entertaining others. Overall, it was just a more relaxing day (I mean, how many people can say that about their wedding day?!)”

See more of their special day here!

Tatiana and Chase celebrated in his parent’s backyard surrounded by their closest friends and family and she really wrapped up the true meaning behind a wedding day so well when she said this:

“Take everything in. Go slow. Be happy this should be very happy. Don’t be a diva, these people helping are helping you to feel and look gorgeous. Write down everything you cherish about your partner. And lastly, vow to respect yourself and this person you are looking at on your most special day. It’s about you and your partner. Just do the damn thing.”

I hope you found these tips from past couples helpful! The recurring theme I found intertwined all throughout this is to remember why you’re doing this. Wedding planning can be stressful, especially with everything that goes along with it, so don’t forget what it’s really about… YOU and your ONE-OF-A-KIND love story! That is all that truly matters!

I want to help take some stress off of you while planning your big day! So I put together a checklist with monthly to-dos for you to follow to ensure you don’t miss anything!

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