It’s all in the (wedding) details | Overlay Photo Ideas

March 18th, 2018

As not only a photographer, but also a recent bride, I believe so much in the importance of detail photos! So much thought goes into every detail, big and small, and it’s so important to have those details captured for you to look back on! So whether you’re a photographer OR a bride-to-be, learn about my favorite detail shots and a few tips to help you along the way!

The Classic Overlay

This showcases all the gorgeous details from what the bide wears, to the invitations, rings, and ring boxes. Not all ring boxes are created equal! I love Mrs. Box for velvet ring boxes. I also usually will check out thrift stores for hidden gems as well to style with.

The Close Up

I love using my Marco lens for these shots! It gets all the tiny details so sharp! I use the Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens.

Using Textures

At weddings I do my best to use the environment when I can for detail photos, because again, it fits into the story of their day. It’s also fun to document a special detail in a location that always seemed mundane to the usual gaze. It gives a whole new meaning and shines some beauty on a space through a new lens.

Styling Mats

When there is just no space in a crowded bridal suite or your only other option is an old hotel carpet – my styling mats are from KISS and come in SO clutch. They roll easily into a carrying case and I take them with me to every wedding for backup.

The Shoes

I love styling shoes with the veil or bouquet, or both. They always steal the show in the best way.

The Bouquet

The florals the bride choose and worked with her florist are an integral part of the day! These also add a pop of color to your photos and your florist (or vendor friend!) will love you.

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