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My Hot Take on Boutonnières: Do’s & Don’ts For Your Wedding

November 19, 2023


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I might ruffle some feathers here, but curious my hot take on boutonnières? A single large rose design on a wedding boutonnière isn’t the best look! Here’s why I think so…

  • The large single rose is top-heavy and has difficulty staying in place. Rarely will it hold for more than a few hours; it succumbs to the elements and looks sad quickly.
  • The overall design feels dated.
  • It’s hard for the groom/bride groomsmen/people wearing these to hug anyone or move much because they take up such a big space on the lapel.
  • Proportionately, a large single rose can dwarf folks large in physical stature and can look extra odd on a more petite person.
  • You need an expert “pinner” to get these to stay put! I’m proficient with pinning boutonnières because I’ve had a lot of practice, but that single bomber rose is the most difficult to secure by far!

So, if you’re tempted to go for the single rose look, consider using a smaller variety instead. A lot of the times, your florist is busy setting up, so your photographer or planner pins these for you. I’ve had a handful of florists not want to pin them because they are not great at it, so I honestly think some don’t even realize the design they are delivering is difficult to secure and can make the people wearing them feel restricted.

If you missed my Instagram post about this, you can head there to see a lot of industry professionals weighing in, and the general consensus is that they agree with a resounding majority!

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