How to Take Your Own Family Photos on Holidays

March 18th, 2018

This time of year normally means lots of parties, family get-togethers and celebrations which many times leads to (yep! you guess it!)… family photos! It’s not always possible or logical to hire a photographer to be there at your event, so to help, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for nailing great family photos all on your own!

– First step, grab a camera if you have one or your cell phone!!

– Next, look for good lighting. Be sure people are facing a window for natural light, or go outside where the sunlight isn’t too harsh.

– After that, depending how many people you have, you’ll want to create two or three rows of people so you can get more faces in the frame without having to step back really far. A row of people sitting in chairs or on a couch works great for making this natural!

– Make sure the kids are in the front and don’t forget… bribing them with a treat for after the photo never hurts to get some good smiles!

– Finally, have immediate family groupings connected by a half hug or a hand on an arm to help make everyone move closer together.

– Then… set the timer, hop in the photo yourself and… “say cheese!!”

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