Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

March 18th, 2018

Hosting an unplugged wedding ceremony is a great way to invite guests to be present and in the moment with you on your big day. Your photographer will be getting photos of your parents’ and guests’ expressions during the ceremony and it’s not as impactful if they are watching you through their phone screen.

Chances are, you are spending thousands of dollars on your wedding, don’t let your ceremony photos be ruined with cellphones attached to outreached arms in your isle. In fact, I once had a family member step right in front of me with their cell phone right as the first kiss happened… thank goodness for my second shooter! Their photo literally saved the day!

Keep in mind that an unplugged ceremony request only applies to the ceremony. So they can rest assured that it’s only about a 15 – 30 minute window that they have to be without their phones, after that your guests can take photos to their hearts content 😉

Here is a nice script your DJ or officiant can read before the ceremony starts:

“Hello everybody – welcome to ________ and ________’s wedding. We are so happy to be here today for the happy couple. It’s so important to them what we all be 100% present in this moment with them. They really want to see your faces and not your phones. So we kindly ask you to keep your phones away during the ceremony. After the ceremony, take as many photos as you want, the photographers will be here all evening and would love to get photos of you as well. Thank you for honoring the couple’s wishes to have an unplugged ceremony. We will get started in just a few minutes. Thank you.”

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