Pose Ideas for Large Wedding Parties

March 18th, 2018

As a wedding photographer, if you have ever had to position a large wedding party, you know that it can be totally overwhelming. My record is 28 people: 13 bridesmaids, 13 groomsmen PLUS the bride + groom. Whew, the first time I did that, I was completely stressed out!! Luckily, I’ve learned a few tips along the way and I want to share them with you. Here are a few easy and fun go-to poses for huge groups.


Start by positioning the back row in between each person in the front so that each person in the back row has their own little “window” (see picture). Move folks around as needed to make sure each face can be seen.

If there is a large height discrepancy, try to find a curb or ledge that the front row can step down into.


This is a fun and easy shot to set up. Ask each separate side to create two rows, then have them throw up their hands and bouquets and cheer as the newlyweds run through the tunnel a few times. Lots of energy and cheering make for fun, authentic and unique photos within this pose!


To explain this one, I like to pull out my phone and take an epic selfie with the whole group of people. There could be up to 3-5 rows of people… some squatting and kneeling down to get as many faces in the frame as possible!

Once they’re in this pose, you can do a few different shots. First, grab a big “smile with everyone looking” shot. Then move onto the fun “newlyweds kiss and everybody else cheer” shot! If it’s a lively group, you might even get a dance party going right there for some extra fun.

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