The Best Focus Settings for Photographing Weddings

March 18th, 2018

Photographing a wedding day is a big deal. There are so many moving parts to it and it’s important that you are able to lock in your focus quickly no matter the situation. Here is my favorite piece of advice to ensure you nail the focus every time:

Change your camera’s focus settings from the default “ONE SHOT” to “AI SERVO.”

Most DSLR cameras have this capability, but some call it something different (so figure out exactly what that is on your specific camera model). What it does is, it tracks your subject while they move, which is great for moments like:

  • your subjects moving or walking towards you
  • dancing
  • moving kids
  • & all sorts of action shots throughout the day

**TIP: You must turn your camera focus settings back to “ONE SHOT” when you use a mounted flash at night or during a wedding reception! That’s how you get the focus light beam to communicate with your camera.

I put together a quick little TikTok video showing this as well, which I’d love for you to check out! I share lots of photography education videos over there, so make sure you’re following along! Click the button below to watch the short video.

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