How to Turn Photos into a GIF or Stop Motion Movie in Photoshop

March 18th, 2018

Stopmotion animation was said to be developed in the late 1800s by pioneers such as J Stuart Blackton. The new king of stop motion for the big screen is Tim Burton with films such as Vincent, Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. However, more recently, photographers like Chuy Photo have taken stop motion from the big screen and made it mainstream for photographers to showcase their work in a new way. 

After seeing Chuy’s work I was inspired to capture the bliss and excitement I saw in the couples I worked with! I set out to figure out how to make a stop motion video that I could share. I’ve compiled everything I learned into a video (that’s under 2 minutes!!) to show you the most simple steps on making a stop motion animation video or gif out of your photos.


  1. Export the series of photos you want to make into a video (I exported them for web, at 2400px long @72ppi)
  2. Open the first one from your folder in Photoshop (this makes the canvas the correct size)
  3. Window/timeline
  4. Click create video timeline
  5. Bring the red curser to the end of your first clip on the timeline
  6. Click film strip icon / click add media 
  7. Navigate to your folder of exported photos
  8. Select all the files except the first one you already loaded – they will add to timeline
  9. Click three boxes on lower left to convert to “Create Frame Animation”
  10. Click Select all frames – [or with the firs clip already selected, Shift & click on the last clip]
  11. Make sure that “Forever” is selected in the lower left dropdown if you want your video to repeat.
  12. Test the video by pressing play
  13. Check your canvas size by: Image / Canvas Size (change it to 3600×2304) 
  14. File / export / render video 


  • Repeat steps 1-13 from above
  • File / export / save for web legacy
  • Select GIF
  • Preset GIF 128 Dithered
  • Colors 256
  • Format: Images only
  • Save

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